Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My 8th grade daughter was been writing stories

Here is the beginning of one of her stories......She is so excited about adding some new words she doesn't  usually use.

(Typed by Taylor)

     The sun blazed through the open window and the light woke me up instantly.  I stretched my arms out, let out a huge yawn and rolled over onto my side.  I regretted it instantly, because Hunter was already awake and staring at me.  Hunter was gazing ahead at my morning face.  No make up, morning face with morning hair and morning breath to match.  "Beautiful." he murmured, his sarcastic tone offending me slightly.
     I stood up immediately and then rushed over to my mirror. My platinum blonde hair all over the place and my eyes were red and crusty. I groaned, and then began brushing my hair quickly. I thought about insulting Hunter's looks... But I couldn't do that. I was a lot of things, but not a liar.  And saying that Hunter was amazingly ugly, was an amazingly big lie.
     "Just keep your thoughts to yourself and we'll get through this sharing a room situation just fine." I said while adding some lip balm. Once my hair was neatly brushed and I'd applied some light eyeliner, I turned around to face Hunter. Only he wasn't there. The door was swung wide open and I heard footsteps emerging down the stairs. Of course it was Hunter, but how had he gotten out so quick without me noticing? I shrugged it off. Hunter was strange and mysterious in many more ways. Him walking out of a room was certainly not the worst.

                                                  *** Flashback ***

     "Happy Birthday Hunter!" I emerged into Hunter's room with a huge grin on my face and a present in my hands. It was the 31st of December, or in other words, Hunter's 15th birthday.

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  1. So many lines were intriguing to me..."sarcastic tone offending me slightly."
    Repetition of word amazingly. Very good writing, Tayor...can't wait to read the finished piece.